Towards Advancing Body Maps as Research Tool in Interaction Design

Towards Advancing Body Maps as Research Tool in Interaction Design was published in the TEI ’23: Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction and presented by Laia Turmo Vidal in the Crafts and Design track of the conference.

Abstract: Body maps are a popular tool in body-centric design, facilitating a sensitization and expression of felt sensations and emotions. Yet, they also bring forth assumptions about the body and our somatic experience. Based on an open and exploratory design ideation inquiry, we have started to explore how body maps could be advanced so as to cater to a plurality of bodies and aspects that shape somatic experiences. We present an annotated portfolio featuring six design themes (temporality, sociality, representativeness, granularity, context, and focus). These themes help us examine implicit assumptions of current body maps, and offer possible alternatives for what future body maps could become. We contribute our themes, inspirational design ideas and practical design techniques to help craft novel body maps. Our contributions can serve as inspiration to others, towards advancing body maps as a research tool for body-centric interaction design.

You can watch the presentation recording below: