Hacking the senses: body transformation experiences with wearables, in t3chfest 2023

Our talk Hacking the senses: body transformation experiences with wearables will be part of the t3chfest 2023 program on March 3rd!

The way we perceive our body, its appearance and capabilities, determines how we move, our social and environmental interactions, and our physical and emotional health. But this perception is not fixed, it is updated all the time through the sensory signals our brain receives. In our projects Magic outFit and BODYinTRANSIT we study how to hack the senses through wearable sensory technologies. With them we create Body Transformation Experiences, changing the perception of people’s bodies and also their behaviour, emotion and health.

In this talk, we will present the basis of our research including key neuroscientific concepts to understand body perception and innovative and participatory methods of research and design with users, such as design thinking and embodied methods that use the body in movement inspired by theatrical/scenic techniques. We will invite the public to try out our technological prototypes and discuss the opportunities that these technologies open up for wellness and health, smart clothing that adapts to people’s perceptions and even the design of avatars and robots.

More info in Spanish: Hackear los sentidos: experiencias de transformación del cuerpo con wearables
Friday, March 3rd, 2023
11:30 – 12:20H
Auditorio Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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Visual Notes

Visual notes by Javier Alonso @oyabun (Original post in Twitter)