Round table on Extended perception at Canal Connect 2023

Ana Tajadura-Jiménez participated in a round table discussion: Extended Perception: The Hacking of Systems, as part of Canal Connect 2023:

The scientific-technological evolution poses a change in the conception of the living being and the machine, as well as its essential and spiritual aspects. David Chalmers asked: “Can a machine be conscious?”, a question that artists and technologists have addressed, studying and researching the self of the machine as its own entity.

In the same way, scientific and technological progress is enabling the hacking of living systems, causing them to extend their consciousness and senses, thus varying their own perception and the way they communicate with the world.

Mesas redondas Canal Connect 2023 – La percepción extendida: El hackeo de los sistemas

Moderator: Ricardo Iglesias, multimedia artist and philosopher (UCM).

Speakers: Monica Rikic, electronic artist; Enrique Radigales, artist, curator and researcher; Ana Tajadura, lecturer in Computer Science and AI (UC3M), and researcher.

Canal Connect offered a series of round tables that invite us to reflect, to ask questions, which allow us to dialogue with experts from different artistic, scientific and technological fields. This time, the conversation revolved around ethical issues, the confluence of the human and the machine, interspecies communication, etc. For this 3rd edition, we have the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, affiliated with the Fondation de France. Attendance at the round tables will allow free access to the exhibition Organic Machine.