Karunya Srinivasan

Karunya Srinivasan

Research Assistant, i_mBODY Lab, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

Karunya Srinivasan has a multidisciplinary background in Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy, Somatic Education and Cognitive Science. Her studies and work have followed her belief that it is in movement where the body finds its meaning. 

She graduated with a triple major in Psychology, English Literature and Communication Studies in India. And completed a Cognitive Neuroscience Master’s degree in ‘Brain and Cognition’ from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She is also a Certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner from Feldenkrais Zentrum Biel in Switzerland. 

Her research interests include human movement, body and action perception, the relationship between motor and cognitive processes, and how our movement relates with the spaces and bodies around it through a mutual affectation. She develops her work through academic research, somatic education, writing, and performance. 

It is in movement where the body finds its meaning.