Exploring Material Experiences Across Haptic Technologies

We co-organized the Exploring Material Experiences Across Haptic Technologies workshop at the IEEE WorldHaptics 2023 conference on July 10th, 2023.

Haptic technologies have long sought to simulate the tactile properties of materials for virtual or remote interactions. Although the engineering aspects of these technologies have been extensively studied, little is known about the sensory and experiential spaces they offer for design. The human experience of materials can extend beyond their immediate sensory attributes, such as roughness, to influence user emotion, perceptions of one’s body, or encourage human expression, reflection, or action. This workshop aims to bring together haptic device creators, perception scientists, and interaction designers to explore and map the user experience of materials across various technologies. Workshop participants will rotate through 4-6 stations featuring natural and programmable materials and document their experiences through notes. These notes are then used to create and compare experiential maps, identify design gaps, and guide future engineering and design in haptics.

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